Keeping calves cool in the heat

26 July 2018

Climate change is a top-priority issue on the international political scene, and we have also experienced what it may mean for the future. Since April, we have been dealing with very hot days in north-west Europe on a regular basis. Housing calves in suitable conditions can limit the consequences of heat stress in young animals.

Many igloos that are designed to shelter calves often become so warm that calves are forced to seek cooler temperatures outside in the bright sunshine. As a result, there is a high risk of the calves overheating and incurring sunburn. Fortunately, we at CalfOTel found a solution to this problem years ago. The CalfOTel® boxes are made of Fibreglass-reinforced polyester (UP) instead of the commonly used polyethylene (PE). In combination with the special double-coated, white top layer, the material reflects sunlight and prevents the box from heating up in the sun. This keeps the temperature in the CalfOTel igloos relatively cool, even in hot summer weather.

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