VDK Agri AdLibFeeder

VDK Agri recently added a new plastic feeding trough to its range of accessories: the AdLibFeeder. This trough saves you time and provides calves with concentrated feed over a long period without the need for constant replenishment. The bulk stock is protected against rain, insects, birds, and rodents. The AdLibFeeder can be attached to a XL-5 or XL-10 group housing with outdoor fencing.

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Strong features

  • Ideal for unlimited supply of concentrates for group-housed calves.
  • Low maintenance: feed only needs to be replenished on occasions.
  • Feed remains fresh and protected against insects, birds, and rodents.
  • Hinge cover can be mounted in two ways, making filling easier. 
  • Shape of trough section allows calves to lick feeder clean 
  • Manufactured as a single part, making it easy to clean.
  • Equipped with an easily adjustable feed dispenser.
  • Can be attached to either the inside and outside of the fence.
  • Perfect design keeps feed dry.