VDK Agri Open Top standard

This calf rearing system has a striking open roof and can be placed inside the cowshed or outside under the overhang. This is an incredibly practical and flexible system for farmers who want to rear their calves inside or under the overhang. Equipped with two fixed castors at the front of the calf box. 

We offer this frameless system as well as a system with a frame. The calf box with a frame (with swivel castors) offers greater flexibility and even better mobility. You can read more about the system with frame here.

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Strong features

  • Made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester, guaranteeing a long service life
  • Manufactured as a single, seamless piece, reducing the risk of bacterial formation and making the product very easy to clean
  • Equipped with sturdy, zero-maintenance castors, making it easy to move
  • The ergonomic handle means the pen is easy to tilt and clean
  • The revolving front fence guarantees easy access to the calf box and pen
  • The pen is easy to tilt, allowing straw to be changed quickly
  • The Open Top ensures good visibility of the calves



Open Top box, front fence, and one bucket ring
Dimensions: (L x W x H)
Box: 150 cm x 100 cm x 115 cm (excluding handle)
Height incl. handle: 130 cm

Dimensions are external dimensions/transport dimensions and may vary per product.

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