Happy Calf

Happy farmer

VDK Agri: the best products for high-quality calf rearing. Supported by a clear vision of calf housing needs, VDK Agri develops products that focus on hygiene, health, and reducing labour. We provide housing that enables calves to grow quickly and healthily into the best dairy cows for the future, driven by our slogan: Happy Calf, Happy Farmer!

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VDK Agri Open Top Premium wins Innov’SPACE!

VDK Agri has won a 2020 Innov’SPACE for the Open Top Premium Single and Duo! Our colleague Jean Bernard Béranger received the award yesterday.
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New products!

VDK Agri launches not one but three new products, among which a new line for indoor accommodation. These calf pens are suitable for dairy farmers who want to keep calves indoors or under a roof. The products were developed on the basis of the latest market...
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Cleaning calf hutches an easy job with CleanPro foaming product

A calf is continuously surrounded by micro-organisms. Only a few of those are true ‘pathogen’ and can, therefore, cause diseases. In order to keep these pathogens away, we aim for the highest possible level of hygiene.
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