Happy Calf

Happy farmer

VDK Agri: the best products for high-quality calf rearing. Supported by a clear vision of calf housing needs, VDK Agri develops products that focus on hygiene, health, and reducing labour. We provide housing that enables calves to grow quickly and healthily into the best dairy cows for the future, driven by our slogan: Happy Calf, Happy Farmer!

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More attention for calf housing

In recent years, more and more attention has been paid to how calves are fed. This is not surprising, considering that the care given to young calves will determine their performance as dairy cows in the future. Research has shown that intensive rearing...
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Plastic versus Polyester

Choice of materials determines lifespan. Calf hutches made from plastic or polyester: What will you choose? At first glance, they might seem similar. Yet there is a world of difference. Arjan Harbers, Sales Manager at VDK Agri, explains why the company...
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VDK Agri Open Top Premium wins Innov’SPACE!

VDK Agri has won a 2020 Innov’SPACE for the Open Top Premium Single and Duo! Our colleague Jean Bernard Béranger received the award yesterday.
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