Calf igloo

The VDK Agri calf igloos are specially designed for rearing calves outdoors. The calf hutches form an ideal environment for the first weeks of a newborn calf's life.

The calf hutch stands out from the rest due to the strong and durable material and its unique and patented fencing. The wheels underneath our calf hutches make them easily transportable if they need to be moved or for high-pressure cleaning elsewhere on the yard. Replacing the straw is almost effortless due to the tilting fences, which can be operated with one hand thanks to the smart locks.


  • Galvanised, patented fencing (EP 1.138.196).
  • Equipped with 2 feed openings.
  • Made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester, which guarantees a prolonged service life and shade temperatures in the summer.
  • The smooth inside layer prevents bacterial growth and is easy to clean.
  • The threshold keeps the straw inside the hutch.
  • Practical fence, can be opened with 1 hand.
  • The hinged fence can be tilted up, both with and without a front section, and always retains a permanent U shape. With the fence tilted up, the outdoor accommodation can be easily and rapidly cleaned with equipment.
  • The hutch can also be tilted forwards by means of hinges. This uncovers the straw from the inside area, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly clear it away.

The VDK Agri calf igloos area available in three different versions:

  • VDK Agri Small
  • VDK Agri Plus
  • VDK Agri Comfort

You can opt for the igloos to be supplied with a threshold, locking gate or fence.