Indoor Combo

The  Indoor Combo is an innovative, modular calf accommodation system for indoor or outdoor accommodation under a lean-to. The modular system allows you to easily expand the number of hutches. The Indoor Combo ensures that you can easily join calves from individual accommodation into groups without having to move the calves. This prevents stress and improves social development. In addition, you can accommodate calves that require special attention individually, while the others can be placed in groups. The system is easy to work with and easy to clean. The calf hutch has a two-part locking gate, known from the Hybrid, which allows you to enter the hutch without disturbing the calf while drinking. The Indoor Combo allows you to very efficiently create the indoor calf accommodation that suits you. The system starts with a basic hutch consisting of a standard set of parts. After purchasing a basic hutch, you can further expand the system with the corresponding expansion options.


  • The system is fully modular.
  • High level of user-friendliness and hygiene.
  • The side and rear panels are made of closed impact-resistant plastic panels.
  • The panels, which can be easily removed, ensure quick cleaning.
  • The calves can be accommodated in groups without having to move them.
  • The colour of the panels is white, so you can easily check if the hutches are sufficiently clean. 
  • The hutch includes a two-part locking gate. This two-part locking gate makes the hutch easily accessible without disturbing the calf while drinking. 
  • The locking gate can be easily opened and can be removed in one simple operation.
  • The open top gives you a good view of the calves.