Indoor housing

The VDK Agri product range includes various systems to accommodate your calves indoors. The major advantage of indoor accommodation is that the calves are housed in a sheltered location. This is not only comfortable for the animals, but also for you as the carer. Another advantage is your improved ability to eliminate extreme temperatures, which benefits the health of your calves.

Open Top

This calf-rearing system has a striking open roof and can be installed indoors in the shed or outdoors under a lean-to. For cattle farmers who want to rear their calves indoors or outdoors under a lean-to, this is an incredibly practical and flexible system. 

Open Top Premium

The Open Top Premium is a mobile calf hutch, suitable for farmers who want to keep calves indoors or under a lean-to. The product scores well on ease of use and hygiene.

Indoor Combo

The Indoor Combo is an innovative, modular calf accommodation system for indoor or outdoor accommodation under a lean-to. The modular system allows you to easily expand the number of hutches.