Vision of calf rearing

VDK Agri maintains close, regular contact with livestock farmers, feed suppliers, researchers, and vets. We integrate our vision of calf rearing into our products. Researchers have identified three important aspects that ensure that calves are reared successfully: feed, housing, and management. Using the VDK Agri rearing systems, we develop the best calf housing with a focus on hygiene, health, and reducing labour.

Happy Calf, Happy Farmer!

The VDK Agri rearing systems help to keep calves healthy. After all, having healthy calves means one less worry for farmers – Happy Calf, Happy Farmer!



The developers of VDK Agri paid a great deal of attention to ensure ease of use, reduced labour time and low labour costs. This has made this calfhousing very user-friendly, without compromising on climate and hygiene. VDK Agri calf boxes are easy to ‘muck out’, can be folded up quickly, and are therefore easy to move and clean. VDK Agri systems are convenient, fast, easy – and above all efficient!

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Calf housing

A calf's immune system develops during the rearing process, and having the right calf hutches on your farm can make a real difference. Farms must have enough single-calf igloos to house all newborn calves aged zero to three weeks. Outdoor calf housing in igloos ensures that the calves develop a good resistance and a strong immune system. After the first three critical weeks, the calves can be kept in group housing.

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Like us, a calf is continuously surrounded by microorganisms. Only a few microorganisms are truly 'pathogenic' and are capable of causing diseases. In order to keep these pathogens away from the newborn calf (which is yet to develop any immunity), we aim to ensure the highest possible standards of hygiene. The VDK Agri calf hutches are made from smooth material and are easy to clean. Research has also shown that VDK Agri igloos are the most hygienic calf housing if the right cleaning agents and techniques are used. 

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Healthy youngstock are the foundation of future profits, and you want to avoid the costs of medical care as much as possible. Fresh air, fresh water, high-quality feed, and a hygienic environment are prerequisites for ensuring healthy calves. Place the calf hutches at a location that you visit on a regular basis. If you are using an Open Top, place the pens inside the location. Placing calf hutches at or in locations you visit regularly will enable you to see if there are any problems with the calves. In designing its products, VDK Agri pays extra attention to ensure they provide good ventilation and reflect sunlight.

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