Calf hutches

VDK Agri products are designed with a focus on hygiene, health, and reducing labour. You can browse our range of products on this page. Feel free to request a no-obligation quote.

Single-calf housing

VDK Agri single-calf housing has been specially designed for rearing calves outdoors. The calf igloos provide an ideal environment for the first weeks of a newborn calf's life: they are sturdy, easy to use, easy to clean, and feature a special coating that keeps them cool in high temperatures.

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Hybrid calf housing

In order to further optimize calf rearing, we developed the ‘VDK Agri Hybrid’ – a unique new housing concept in which calves can be housed both individually and in small groups ‘outdoors.’ This allows calves to be kept in the same calf hutch from day one to three months of age. 

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Group housing

We often see a regression in calves that are moved from single calf hutches to group housing in a regular cowshed. VDK Agri group housing provides a solution to this, as it allows the calves to remain outside in the fresh air until they are around three months old. Infection rates are much lower outside than in the youngstock shed.

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VDK Agri accessories effectively support our successful housing systems for young calves. They save on labour and improve your calves’ health.

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