Trendsetter in calf housing for almost four decades

For almost 40 years, VDK Agri has been a trendsetter in the development, production, and sale of housing for young calves. We focus on ensuring the best care for these young animals and making farmers’ work easier. Based on the very latest knowledge and insights, we are constantly developing top-quality products that livestock farmers all over the world enjoy using every day. In addition to focusing on animal health, hygiene, and ease of use, we naturally pay a great deal of attention to the quality, durability, and sustainability of our products. This is all driven by our slogan: ‘Happy Calf, Happy Farmer’.

‘Our systems are user-friendly and of the highest quality at the lowest possible cost, resulting in a short payback period when you purchase VDK Agri.


VDK Agri started producing and selling a wide range of plastic products for the agricultural sector at the end of the 1970s. VDK has experienced considerable growth over the years, further specializing in housing for young calves and evolving into a market leader of products for calf rearing. Numerous innovations were made at our company and are being rolled out from Moergestel all over the world.

‘VDK Agri aims to help dairy farmers around the world to further improve how they rear their calves. These calves are the dairy cows of the future and are therefore of crucial importance for farmers’ operating results.’

An eye for innovation

VDK Agri has an eye for innovation. To be able to respond quickly to new developments in the market, VDK Agri maintains close, regular contact with livestock farmers, feed suppliers, researchers, and vets. This enables us to develop ever-improving, user-friendly systems that help farmers to rear calves as effectively as possible and at the lowest possible cost. We do everything to remain a frontrunner in this process.

‘Many of our innovations were inspired by customer queries. By listening carefully to them, we are able to come up with cutting-edge, useful solutions in the market over and over again.’

Our secret: top-quality polyester and patented fencing

Fibreglass-reinforced, UV-resistant polyester has a number of properties that make it particularly suitable for manufacturing VDK Agri systems. The material is extremely strong, durable, and reflects sunlight. This means that VDK Agri keeps calves cool – even in hot temperatures! In addition, the vents in the box guarantee correct air flow. The smooth, rock-hard top layer also prevents the formation of hairline and other cracks. The box eliminates the formation of bacteria and is very easy to clean. The design of our VDK Agri fences are so smart that we have had them patented (EP 1.138.196). You simply use the front fence to close the calf in the pen. The fencing can then be folded over the box, so that you can remove the straw. The practical design – complete with castors – means the fenced box can be moved as a single unit and cleaned elsewhere.

VDK Agri systems: a service life of thirty years is very common!


Next to our range of product for calf rearing,  we also offer a range of products  designed for the collection, transport and (refrigerated) storage of animal waste and carcasses. Flexxstore offers a complete range of products with hygiene and ease of use as main focus. Good storage, Healthy business!

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