VDK Agri Open Top on mobile grating, triple

This calf rearing system has a striking open roof and can be placed inside the cowshed or outside under the overhang. The incredibly practical and flexible system is for farmers who want to rear their calves inside or under the overhang. It also combines a reduction in labour costs with ultimate ease of use. 

The calf box with a frame (with swivel castors) offers greater flexibility and even better mobility. The frame is equipped with grating, so that the straw stays dry. The frame itself creates a working height that is about 25 centimetres higher. The standard design is also equipped with castors, making the product easy to move and tilt for cleaning.

Can also be supplied in a single or double design (with swivel castors).

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Strong features

  • Made of fibreglass-reinforced polyester, guaranteeing a long service life
  • Manufactured as a single, seamless piece, reducing the risk of bacterial formation and making the product very easy to clean
  • Equipped with sturdy, zero-maintenance castors
  • Easy to tilt and clean thanks to ergonomic handle
  • Lockable front fence ensures easy access
  • The pens can be set up separately in groups of two, three, and multiples thereof
  • The smooth-running castors make the pen easy to move (with or without calf inside)
  • Both the calf box and the polyester substructure can be tilted, enabling easy cleaning
  • There is sufficient space between the pens for side access, to help calves stand up, or to carry out a check.
  • Highly mobile and hygienic: you can remove the pens from the cowshed to be cleaned elsewhere, without the risk of spreading bacteria.



Open Top box with threshold, front fence, and one bucket ring on triple grating with swivel castors Dimensions:
Dimensions: (L x W x H) 
Box: 151 x 309 x 162 cm (including handle)

Dimensions are external dimensions/transport dimensions and may vary per product.

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