VDK Agri Milkfeeder Single

The VDK Agri Milk Feeder Single contributes to sound calf rearing and therefore lays the foundation for healthy, sustainable and efficient dairy cows. The specifically designed system results in slow milk yield which means that calf suckle longer. This results in additional saliva production, which improves digestion and increased feed intake. It also benefits the suckling need of the calves. The slanted bottom of the Milk Feeder means that less residual milk remains. The lid of the Milk Feeder keeps out flies, cats and other vermin in order to guarantee optimal hygiene. 


The assumption when using the VDK Agri Milk Feeder Single is that each calf has its own teat. The calf retains this teat throughout the entire milking period. It is therefore advisable to number the teats and link them to one calf. When the calf is moved to group housing, the teat is also moved to the VDK Agri Milk Feeder Group. The stress from moving to group housing is significantly reduced because the calf immediately recognises its own trusted teat when it arrives in group housing. You should preferably let a calf pick out its own teat because this way it will be able to find it again easily next time.


Flush the VDK Agri Milk Feeder daily with warm water and clean the Feeder twice per week using VDK Agri Clean Pro. An alkaline agent that removes the milk fat from the Milk Feeder and the teat. You should not leave the Milk Feeder hanging all day. This will save you on teats. 
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Strong features

•    The slow milk flow results in additional saliva production, which improves digestion and increased feed intake.
•    The calf retains the same teat throughout the entire milking period. 
•    The teat is recessed in the wall of the Feeder which makes cleaning easier.
•    The slanted bottom results in less residual milk.
•    The sealable lid keeps flies and cats away and prevents it from being contaminated with straw.
•    Teats are very easy to change. 

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