VDK Agri Open Top Premium Triple

The VDK Agri Open Top Premium is suitable for the farmer who wants to keep calves indoors or under a roof. The Open Top Premium Triple  has two removeable partition walls, allowing calves to be easily grouped together without being moved. This prevents stress and ensures better social development. The product scores well on ease of use and hygiene. For example, it has a two-part locking gate, known from the VDK Agri Hybrid. The two-part locking gate can be opened and removed in one simple operation. This also applies to the grating. It can be removed and placed back within seconds. This makes cleaning very easy. The system is practical and flexible and ensures a high level of hygiene and user-friendliness.


The VDK Agri Open Top Premium  is also available as Single and Duo.

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Strong features

  • More space for the calf, 100x160 cm.
  • Open Top Premium Triple has two separate partitions, which allows calves to be grouped without being moved.
  • The Open Top gives a good view of the calves
  • Due to the two-part locking gate, it is easily accessible without disturbing the calf while drinking.
  • Made of durable PVC panels with a strong galvanized frame.
  • Equipped with sturdy, maintenance-free castors, thus easy to move.
  • The grid can easily be removed and placed back for quick cleaning.


In the VDK Agri Open Top Premium the calf has more space compared to the regular  Open Top. The  Open Top Premium has a two-piece locking fence, which allows you to enter the calf box without disturbing the calf while drinking. The  Open Top Premium Duo and Triple have removable partitions, allowing calves to be easily grouped together. This prevents stress and improves social development.


Inside measurements (L. x W. x H.):  160 x 300 x 100 cm.

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