VDK Agri CombiFeeder XL

This practical, time-saving feeding trough enables you to place pellets and hay together in a combined unit. The bottom houses the container for pellets, while the top is for the hay rack. The CombiFeeder is attached to the front or side of the fencing of the calf pen. Thanks to its unique design, both hay and pellets are protected from the rain. The product is now even easier to use thanks to the removable feeding bowl, smaller cover, and easy-to-use filler hole. The feeding system means calves always have access to dry food, even when reared outdoors. This is a good example of the ease of use and excellent quality you can expect from VDK Agri. Suitable for VDK Agri Small and Comfort.

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Strong features

  • The amount of hay, approximately 75 litres, will feed five calves.
  • Calf pellets can easily be added by lifting the cover.
  • The stainless-steel material makes for easy cleaning and very low maintenance.
  • You can add concentrates with no risk of the feed getting wet.
  • The feeder can be fastened quickly and easily.
  • Hay can be easily placed in the hay rack and remains dry under the cover.
  • The concentrate container underneath the rack also collects spilled hay, reducing the chances of calves consuming dirty hay from the floor.