Moving calves is a thing of the past

26 March 2019

Tamara tests hybrid calf housing. Tamara works on a dairy farm with 180 cows and has been using the CalfOTel Hybrid since December 2018. “Ideally, I'd like to house all my calves in Hybrids. If you ask me, the Hybrid hutches are extremely practical. They're constructed in such a way that by removing the interior partitions, you can convert four single boxes into a group hutch for four calves. This allows the same four calves to stay together for over two months and then transition to the calf barn together. This gives you a complete ‘all-in, all-out’ configuration and makes it possible to pick up the whole hutch and take it to the washing area for cleaning and disinfection when you're done.”

“Not only does the hutch have an attractive and modern appearance, but – more importantly – it's highly practical. The adjustable flap on the front and the double doors in each single box allow you easy access to the animals. The major advantages of the CalfOTel Hybrid are the combination of permanent groups with ‘all-in, all-out’ configuration and the easy-to-transport nature of the hutches. This allows you to provide each new calf with ideal starting conditions at a very low risk of infection.” According to Tamara: “This hutch offers great features when it comes to labour as well. Rain no longer has any impact on my work. The awning makes it possible to keep dry while working and to house the calves outdoors: an ideal combination.”

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